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Prime Time: The Benefits of Eyelash Primers and Conditioners

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We often overlook eyelash primers and deem them unnecessary luxury items. We need to stop doing this if we intend to keep our lashes luscious. Not only do good primers build additional length and volume, much like hair conditioner, they condition our lashes so they can grow longer and stronger instead of breaking off or falling out. 

I've tried a range of primers and must inform you that they're not all created equal. Some give lashes a gray cast once black mascara is applied, some make lashes heavy and fall straight, and some just aren't worth the hype. 

TARTE - multiplEYE™ lash enhancing primer

This is one of the most raved about eyelash primers. I decided to try this out at the suggestion of several of my favorite beauty YouTubers when my DIOR - DIORSHOW MAXIMIZER Lash Plumping Serum was too old for use, but I'll get more into depth on that one in a bit. The Tarte primer costs less than Dior's, but I am sorry to report that I was disappointed by its performance. It was unable to keep my straight, fine lash hair curled even when I immediately applied amazing curl-holding mascaras. If you watch Leighannsays on YouTube, then you know what I mean when I say this product makes me look like Sesame Street's Snuffalufagus. Lashes pointed down over the whites of my eyes? Not a good look for anyone. That being said, this product doesn't turn my lashes gray once it mixes with black mascara, so if your hair is naturally curly and able to withstand heavier products, this may be a fabulous primer for you. 


Soon after I purchased my Tarte primer, I realized I should've forked over the extra few bucks for my beloved Dior primer. For those of you who, like me, struggle keeping your lashes curled or even pointed upward, I'm excited to let you know that our eyelashes can stand up to and remain curled with this primer. The trick is in the application. Quickly coat one set of lashes with the Dior primer. Then, immediately apply your desired mascara. I prefer using waterpoof mascaras in general because they hold curl. In particular, DIOR - DIORSHOW BLACK OUT Waterproof works beautifully with this primer. Once one eye is done, then repeat starting with the primer on the other eye. I have tried this method with other primers, and it doesn't work with any of them. As far as I've experimented, the Dior lash primer takes the cake! Not only that, people compliment my eyelashes when I wear the Dior primer and mascara combo. My own mother asked me if I was wearing false lashes. Psh. 


If you're looking to fortify your lashes and condition them daily in one quick step, I highly recommend Peter Thomas Roth's mascara. It has conditioning properties in its formula. After a few days of use, I noticed that my lashes were longer and stronger. This product has definitely slipped through the cracks in the beauty community and deserves much more recognition than it gets. This is a magical everyday mascara for anyone who wants the benefits of a lash conditioner without having to buy one or take the extra step in the makeup routine. If you're still on the fence, the fact it costs the same as the Tarte primer ($22) might send you over the edge. You're really getting two for the price of one!

What are your favorite eyelash primers? Are there any you think I should try out or might like? Comment below and let me know if you have tried or plan to try out any of these lash primers!

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All my love,
xx Lauren


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    1. They definitely will help! I noticed a massive difference in my lashes. :)

  2. The dior is one I've heard soooo much about. I find lash primers confusing, they make my eyelashes so white its hard to cover with the black!

    Roshni’s Journey

    1. You should try out the Dior one. You shouldn't have any issues covering this one with mascara. If you do, that might mean you're applying WAY too much (but I doubt you are - some other primers just aren't that great). If you try out this one, definitely let me know how you like it!

  3. You have given me some wonderful choices for my blonde, brittle fine eyelashes. I am very excited to try the products you recommend


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