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Countdown: Top 13 Product Discoveries of 2013

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In honor of the New Year, I'm counting down the top 13 products I started using in 2013. Some of these were brand new this year and some were just new in my life.

They're all fabulous, and it was incredibly hard to finalize my top 13 list. I still am obsessed with the rest of the product's I've written about this year that I didn't include here -- majority of those weren't new to me this past year, anyway.

In no particular order and without further ado, here are my 13 favorites product discoveries of '13.  I've even given each product my own award ;).

13. Macadamia Oil Flawless

Most Innovative Product
This product is a shampoo and conditioner in one {and is packed with many other benefits -- they call it a 6-in-1 product}. Typically, I'm not a huge fan of all-in-one products because I'm still haunted by how they'd dry my hair out and leave me with painful-to-comb-out knots when I was a kid. This product does the exact opposite. It leaves hair silky soft, shiny and perfect -- like when you go to the salon and they use all their special haircare products in your hair and you can never seem to replicate it at home {until now}. I wouldn't suggest using this every day, though, because your scalp will get oily. Mine did, and I have the worlds driest skin!

12. Ojon Damage Reverse Restorative Hair Treatment Plus

Miracle Hair Product
When nothing else will work {not even my all time favorite deep conditioners} to hydrate my hair, I turn to this guy. It's a pre-shower hair mask. I use it about once a month, and it makes all the difference. I'd like to do a more in-depth review of this product in the near future. It's just so freakin' good. If you're interested in hearing more {like how and when I use it}, comment below and let me know!

11. The Body Shop Body Butter 

Most Hydrating Crème
I haven't met one that I didn't instantly fall in love with! The formula is incredibly hydrating and the delicious scents linger all day long.

10. Dior Diorskin Shimmer Powder in Amber Diamond

Most Beautiful Highlight
This highlight is stunning. The shimmer is finely milled and creates a beautiful effect on cheekbones. It's definitely an expensive item, but it lasts a while and gives an incomparably beautiful finish.

9. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette

Most Beautiful Finish
I am blown away by how incredibly beautiful this powder is. The hype is well deserved! I wouldn't say it's a lighting kit for your face -- it's more of a skin finish and glow perfecter. In the warmer month when my skin had more color, I used Radiant light all over my face. Now that my skin has lost any semblance of pigment {maybe a bit of an exaggeration}, I use Dim Light all over my face and Radiant Light on my cheeks. I occasionally use Incandescent Light as a highlight. This palette was on the pricier end but it was and is worth every penny. This product is limited edition, so if you can get your hands on it, do it! If you can't, Dim and Radiant Light, which are my favorite, anyway, are part of the permanent Ambient Lighting Powder line.

8. Essie Fill the Gap Treatment 

Best Base Coat
This base coat makes all manicures last at least 3x longer than it usually does. In the review I wrote about this product at the end of the Summer, I spilled "The Secret Behind Manicures That Actually Last".

7. Bobbi Brown Corrector (in Light Bisque)

Dark Circle Disguiser
This does a phenomenal job of covering up my dark purple/blue under eye area. It works best to warm up the product with your finger in the compact and then apply. If you're not sure what shade to get, the Bobbi Brown counter at your local department store should have a color chart that will help you determine which shade will best hide your color under eye bag. Finding the right shade is less about your skin color/tone and more about canceling out your bags, so be sure to ask before you buy if you're not certain!

6. Spa Technologies Hydrating Oil

Most Hydrating Face Oil 
I credit this face oil for being the gateway to hydration for my incurably dry skin. In my Skincare Favorites & Routine Series, I dished out my top Serum & Oil pick -- and this definitely topped that list.

5. Nivea Lip Butter - Vanilla & Macadamia Kiss

Best Lip Balm
Every lip balm from the Nivea Lip Butter line is incredibly hydrating, but no flavor is quite as delicious as Macadamia Kiss! I wrote about my love for this lip balm in my Summer Essentials, so go check that out if you'd like to read more about it.

4. Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner  

Best Liquid Eyeliner
This Stila liquid liner has blown my other liquid liners out of the water. To read more, check out my Summer Essentials. I loved it so much, I picked up this liquid liner in white! You can check out that review: here.

3. Jo Malone English Pear & Freesia

Best Perfume
I've always loved Jo Malone fragrances. They're pure; they smell amazing; and you can layer them to customize your own scent. Despite the fact every time I walk into a Jo Malone boutique I fall in love with a new fragrance, my all-time favorite is the English Pear & Freesia.

2. Victoria's Secret PINK Wild at Heart

Best Body Spray
I'm not typically one to fall for fruity scents, but this one is amazing. I've made everyone in my life smell it, and I've only heard good things. I further into depth about this delicious spray in my Summer Essentials.


1. L'Oreal Total Repair 5 Damage-Erasing Balm - Ceramide

Best Hair Mask
This highly nourishing and effective hair mask is more effective than most high-end hair masks. Everyone must try it! I wrote about this mask earlier this year in my "Healthy, Hydrated Hair Must-Haves" post.

Now you know my top 13 newly found favorites in 2013. I'd love to know what yours are. Comment below and let me know!

Feel free to ask me anything on Twitter @drtyblndambtn, and be sure to follow me on BlogLovin' -- you won't want to miss what's in store for 2014!

Happy New Year! I hope it's the best one yet.

xx Lauren

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  1. Happy New Year lovely!! Great post, love the Hourglass and the Jo Malone. Must break out my Amber Diamond!! Xx

    1. Thank you Stacey!! Happy New Year! I love them too. They're amazinggg xx

  2. Happy New Year! I love the Jo Malone perfumes and the Body Shop creams :)
    xxElise -

    1. Thank you, Elise! Happy New Year to you, as well! Aren't they the best? xx

  3. Lovely posts. Horuglass ambient set is really nice.
    I love the colors in their but not for my skin tone sadly.
    Radiant matches me well
    E | Beauty/Skincare | Cocoamourr

    1. Thank you, Elena! I love Radiant Light. It's beautiful and incredibly versatile.

  4. I really wanna try that macadamia weird cleansing conditioner! hahaha Great picks here. xx

    Fernanda @ Ferdie's Finds

    1. You definitely should! It leaves hair hydrated & silky soft. xx

  5. Definitely see some items that I must try. Especially the hydrating face oil. Thank you for the recommendations.

  6. These are some great picks! As someone else with dry skin, I think I might need to check out that hydrating face oil. I love the mix of high end brands with drugstore purchases as well! While I love my higher end products, there definitely are some great options in the drugstore nowadays.

    Morgan //


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