Saturday, October 11

How To: Hide Dark Eye Circles

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For majority of the week, I am one tired lady. Despite my efforts, I can never seem to get as much sleep as I'd like to during the work week. One telling sign of inadequate sleep is dark, puffy under eyes, so I do my best to hide them. The following method is tried and true, and I highly recommend it to you if you want to cover up your dark circles without your under eyes looking dry and flaky.


Step 1: Bobbi Brown Corrector 

my shade: Light Bisque

Gently pat this over the dark circles with the fourth finger on either hand. For more on my thoughts on this product and how I use it, read more in My Thoughts On: Bobbi Brown Corrector. This product also topped my Makeup Worth Repurchasing and best beauty products of 2013 lists.


Step 2: Origins Plantstcripton Anti-Aging Concealer

my shade: 02 - Light/Medium

After trying countless hyped-up, high end concealers (which shall remain nameless) that claim to be formulated for the under eye area but really do nothing but settle into my fine lines and make my under eye skin extra dry, I finally tried the Origins Plantscription Anti-Aging Concealer, and I'll never go back. This concealer is actually hydrating and blends under the eyes like a dream. It doesn't sit fine lines, glides over the skin and leaves it looking much more awake and radiant.

Using the product wand, dot this in the hollows below your eyes where the Bobbi Brown Corrector is covering the dark circles. Start near (but not quite on) the inner corner of your eye and stop approximately a quarter of the way through the hollows. Do not dot the corrector or the concealer to the outer corner of your eye.


Step 3: Buff it out with Real Techniques Contour Brush

This brush (which is currently sold exclusively as part of the Real Techniques Core Collection) is the perfect buffing tool for blending under eye concealer without leaving evidence -- no brush strokes, no finger prints. The concealers stay put; your skin looks flawless; and your dark circles are covered!

Here's the part where I encourage you to share your thoughts. Do you think you'll give any of the forementioned products a try? Have you tried them already? Is there something you're loving that's helping conceal your dark under eye circles? Comment below and let me know!

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Until next time... Lauren, out!